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Latest BannerLand! news:

Hello shoppers:  It is now time to begin your Christmas gift shopping, and what better place than at BannerLand?  We have just received our Christmas stock and so we have added even more art supplies, fine art, books, models & puzzles just for you.  So come on in.  I challenge you to find nothing to buy in our great little shoppe!

We're here to help you pass the time each day doing fun things!!

In 2019 we decided people were starting to get bored...besides their computer and TV, and their smartphone, what else was there for them to do to pass the time?  We decided to offer a store with a unique mix of pasttimes:  Books, Music, Video, Fine Art, Models & Modelling Supplies, Art Supplies, Puzzles, Maps, Hiking Sticks...something for pretty much anyone!

We're Located At

71C Front Street West,

Strathroy, Ontario

N7G 1X6

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Phone: (519) 245-6116

[email protected]

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10:00AM - 4:00PM

Monday - Saturday

The beautiful thing about books is that you don't need to plug them in!  They are there, page after page, to take you away from your daily routine and whisk you off to some magical place, to encounter interesting characters, to learn about real-life history, biographies of famous people... Your children and grandchildren should be encouraged to read as often as possible, with a steady stream of new books given to them each month.

Whether you grew up with vinyl records, cassette tapes, or compact discs (CDs), these days the lasting music format is the CD.  Many people still have a vehicle with a CD player and have a CD player at home or at work.  Greatest hits from the world of Pop music, Rock music, Country music, Adult Alternative's all hear for your enjoyment!

We all grew up with television.  After school, after supper, prime time, late night... There has been and still are tons of wonderful TV programmes for you to enjoy & savour.  From comedies to drama, mysteries to romance, every single DVD season offers some 20 or so shows.  Great shows made right here in Canada, or in Britain, or the US.

While creating your own art is not everyone's "cup of tea", for the creative soul they cannot live each day without either creating their own work or studying someone else's.  Art is inspiring!  It lifts one's soul.  Start off with some drawing (sketch pads, pencils, erasers, charcoal or pastels even) and then move up to watercolour or acrylic painting on special paper or canvas board or panels.

Puzzle making is all about perseverance...mystery...close examination...logic... and at the end you have a lovely piece of art which can be framed and then hung on a wall of your home.  Cheap puzzles produce cheap-looking end-products, whereas higher-end puzzles are marvellous pieces of art created by highly talented artists.

Despite the wonders of modern technology, it does't always work.  And if your phone's battery is dead, low or plain may not be able to rely on that GPS smart phone app.  Sometimes those apps mess up and send you in the wrong direction.  PAPER MAPS and MAP BOOKS are amazing ways to learn and find your way around, all the while being able to be "off the grid".

What residents of Strathroy are saying:

I make sure to stop by at least once or twice a week, the staff are great to talk to and are always keen to make special orders for me. This is the only place in Strathroy where I can find all my favourite TV shows, as well as some cool retro CDs.

Joe, Strathroy, Ontario

What residents of London are saying:

BANNER Land! has so much to offer everyone!  There's lots of great ideas for myself...but even if I'm not buying for myself, this store has something for everyone's birthday and Christmas gifts. Lots of ideas to get people away from their computer & phone screens!  Amazing ideas to keep us busy & happy in our own home.

Sally, London, Ontario

Get in touch!


71C Front Street West,

Strathroy, Ontario

N7G 1X6

(Located across the street from Libro Credit Union)


Phone: (519) 245-6116
Fax: (519) 245-6116
Email: [email protected]


Mon-Fri: 10am - 4pm
Sat: 10am - 4pm
Sun: Closed